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Rising Stably

A steel building with green credential


If you go to Bien Hoa city in Dong Nai Province, on National Highway 1A from Ho Chi Minh City, prior to the Amata Industrial Park you will see the this striking 8 storey modern architecture of glass and steel. This building was commissioned by Mr. Bui Khuong Buu Hoan, General Manager of Toyota Bien Hoa. The office building has eight floors, it is attached to a showroom with a basement used as car repair shop. The Canadian architect used steel and glass to convey modernity and transparency. This is a second highest steel structure building in the south of Vietnam after Diamond Plaza in Ho Chi Minh city.


Mr.Khuong Bui Buu Hoan, Gerneral Manager of Toyota Bien Hoa (second from left) presents flowers to thank Mr. Le Kim Giau, CEO of CP Hung Khang Company - the construction company building at the grand opening date.

Green House-high ranked environment


Green Toyota Bien Hoa Building.

The glass is not only for the aesthetics but also helps reduce lighting through natural light. Moreover, transparent floor panels bring natural light to the basement. Rainwater is collected and used to clean cars, it is treated properly before release into the environment. Thanks to these features Toyota Bien Hoa building is assessed as a green building.

The more money, the more saving...

A visitor said as he arrived here: “Now the trend is that the more money they have, the more they save but it must be unique and effective." In addition to it usage as office, showroom and maintenance shop, the Toyota Bien Hoa building is also a place to visit for all customers to learn about technology. Sitting in the waiting room, clients can comfortably enjoy the view of Bien Hoa city, continue working, stay connected to the world with wi-fi while they can monitor the technicians maintain or repair their beloved cars. There is also playground inside the building.

“Our goal is to give the best service to all of our customers" said Bui Khuong Buu Hoan at the grand opening date. Mr. Le Kim Giau, the CEO of Hung Kang Corporation (Tan Uyen, Binh Duong), which design and buid the steel structure couldn’t hide the happiness. "The building represents a modern and unique architectural style. Therefore, it not only required good capacity of execution, but also high technology, accuracy to meet the requirements of this complex project. If you make a small mistake on a borehole on one of the floors, it will lead to a huge errors on the other floors, deform the work of the original architectural design." The trend to build high-rise with steel is relatively new. However, it now welcome in Vietnam since it shortens construction time, saves money and most importantly is friendly environment.

Mr. Bui Khuong Buu Hoan, General Manager of Toyota Bien Hoa and the owner of the project said: “We chose Hung Khang for professionalism and competitive cost.
Compared to traditional reinforced concrete materials, our work save about 15-20% of the cost and  shorten the construction time.

We chose Hung Khang Corporation company as contractor for Hung Khang was experienced in shipbuilding. Shipbuilding requires very high tightness and impeccable engineering structure. Looking through the profile of Hung Khang, we see that this is a company with experience, capacity for mechanical engineering and steel building erection. After satisfying all of the requirements, the cost of Hung Khang is the most reasonable offer, so we chose them!



One’s good heart should go with his talent.

His favorite saying is: "success is the combination of your talent, vision, and good heart". Mr. Le Kim Giau, CEO of Hung Khang Corporation, has shown talent, vision and good heart all the long of his professional life. “There are three kinds of people: the lucky, the unlucky, and the normal men.” He said, and he was a lucky man. According to him, bad luck is just a challenge that helps us to become stronger. "I read somewhere that life is a puzzle. As a door is shut, for sure there will be five or seven other doors opening for you and you will be welcome with a red carpet", he said.


When and where were you in a situation where as a door is shut, five or seven other doors opened and you were welcome with a red carpet?

In 1970, a dark shadow covered my life after I returned to Vietnam from Cambodia.  As a boy I had lived very happy, with servants around me.  Now I was 9 years old and had to earn my own living, day by day. I earned my money honestly with sweat and tears. I was a street vendor, was motor-tri-cycle driver and did many other petty jobs. My time collecting rubber seeds and cutting firewood for my grandma to batter these for rice remains deeply impressed in my childhood memories. By 1988, I worked on a ship as a seaman and saved 300 dollars by 1993; then, I decided to open my own business.

With 300 dollars, I hired a barge to ship oil. In 1995, I amassed a decent amount of money. But again, shadow struck down on me. The owner of barge canceled the contract before the expired date came for military purposes (because it belonged to a private company and to the army).

Two months later, I happened to see my ex-colleague in Saigon. He gave me 400 million dong mortgage loan with 3% interest and told me to build a new barge. My friend pointed out that he helped me because of my willingness to do business. In additional, I got 200 million dong from a barge owner, a former customer, along with 42 million dong from selling a property.

With experience in the petroleum transportation by river, I decided to invest in shipbuilding. In 2001, I owned 4 small tankers I named Quoc Cuong. From 2001 to late 2004, I recognized the steel structure industry had a huge market, so I moved from shipbuilding to steel structure, because this sector is less complex market environment.

Starting from 300 USD in 1993, how much do you have for capital now?

I just know I have enough money to send of my children to school. The successful people in the world are often due to 70% of experience, 20% of experiences, and 10% of knowledge from school. I miss the 10%, so I should always try to do my best and learn from the people around me. I have learned from predecessors, teachers, friends, business partners, and even my employees.

After my oldest son returned to Vietnam from studying in York, England, he became an effective assistant, always standing by me in my projects at Hung Khang. For employees in the company, I also encourage, and support them to cultivate knowledge, especially management skills.

Is the reduction of employees from 200 down to 70 people in the economic crisis a strategy to cut down labor cost in the tough time?

The world economic crisis, of course, affected the production of enterprises in Vietnam. However, it did not affect significantly Hung Khang’s growth. The company cut down on production labor because we invested in mechanization and automation of production. We encourage individual creativity, improve machinery and equipment to reduce human labor and enhance quality.

40% of the machines operated at Hung Khang were built or transformed by ourselves. Our mechanical equipment is continuously improved.

Who are Hung Khang’s big customers and competitors?

The company's major customers are PepsiCo (USA), Toyota (Japan), Sonadezi (Vietnam) ... But competitors, I do not really care because we take our own path, based on our long-term strategy.

When was the most difficult time for Hung Khang?

In the period of formation up to now, Hung Khang has not encountered any significant difficulties. We always take cautious steps. Whatever we do, we at least aim at balancing the costs or make a small profit. Therefore, we have never lost any penny.

However, the early stage of my oil shipping business was the toughest. At that time, the income was just enough to pay the interest. I thought I had to overcome this difficult period. And that is the right thing to do. Faced with every difficulty, I always look at the issue calmly, find solutions and foresee my next step. Depending on the time and situation, I pick the safest solution.

Being specialized in steel structures for of industry and commerce, will Hung Khang apply "iron solutions"  for human resource issues?

I consider my employees just like my family. In business, we always appreciate quality, quantity and time. It is a matter of the company’s survival. However, the staff is an important factor that contributes to the survival. For me, the people are the most important resource of a business. I always encourage employees to invent new products as well as innovate in the work environment.

In business, I always respect ethics. And above all, to succeed, we must have passion and a willingness to learn.

Source: nhipcaudautu.vn / article.aspx

Many big contruction packages can't find any contructors


From the beginning of 4th quarter of 2008 to now, many large-scale construction projects such as  ports, roads, over bridges crossing the river by the Ministry of Traffic & Transportation (MOTT) as an investor , is done in the form of international competitive bidding was not able to find contractors.

Specifically, two construction packages build path north and south of the Nhat Tan construction project (Hanoi), there was only one contractor submitted bids;

PK1 Package, new project of building Highway 3 -the road of Ha Noi - Thai Nguyen, the lowest contractor's bid exceeded 2,000 billion dong compared to the package price;

6b Package "embellish beach, build underwater of embankments, piers and retaining wall in the station", The Van Phong port construction project was only one bidder submitted bids, with bid prices exceeded 1,272 billion dong compared with the package price.

The estimated package built on out-of-dated cost inputs, concerns about delaying in land level clearance were reasons making international contractors turned his back on above packages that have been evaluated high appeal.


Domain speculation - Many enterprises are victims


Domain Speculator shown up: 
Around mid. of Dec.-2008, Hung Steel Corporation Khang accidentally discovered a problem that the company was surprised. That was when accessing the address of http://
www.hungkhang.com immediately transferred into http://www.zamilsteel.com.vn.

Actually, the Hung Khang’s domain name was exclusively registered and protected over the country, should not be a 2ndsteel manufacturing company’s namesake with Hung Khang, http://www.hungkhang.com.vn. Domain name registration and IT department care for the website are thought it was safe. However, the incident has led the company broke out that it is not so simple. 

Mr. Le Kim Giau - CEO of Hung Khang Steel Buildings said: “The company is 100% local capital,  just choosing Vietnamese domain name is for both safe and easy to identify as establishing the website. Recently, the company has  consecutively won big construction projects and recognized by  a lot of customers. Therefore, certainly there will be many potential customers find information about the company on the Internet. However, I’m worried when you visit the company website and it shows  another one which is then same business.

After spending some time to find out , Hung Khang found the domain name of http://www.hungkhang.com was for sale online at http://raobandomain.com at the price of  $ 3,000. There was someone quickly registering this domain name and then make a profit by selling it online. This game is not new speculation and this has been condemned. 

Current domain names end with ". vn" by Vietnam, but domain names with extensions like ". com, . org" are often international domain names in the country are less interested in registering. Therefore, speculators were taking advantage of prior registration with the reservation cost only 8-10 US dollars/ year and selling at the hundred times expensive price, depending on brand name and reputation of the business.

The important thing is from where they sell the domain names with no content, now the speculators put a link to other businesses with the same area to put pressure on enterprises identical to the name brands they purchase the domain. This will cause many disadvantages for business. 

The specific address, name and phone number for "author of the event", the network administrators have exchanged via email, chat ... to learn and leave a message that needs to stop acting dishonesty business to avoid the consequences for doing genuine business. Receive this information, speculators has paid domain name http://www.hungkhang.com on white pages and a few days after they automatic ally transfer of http://www.hungkhang.com.vn. However, those who understand the information said: Not so easy, this is the end to prepare for the next step "blackmail"... 

Prevent from speculation?

The lawyer  Vuong Cong Duc, of the Lawyer Association of Binh Phuoc province, said: The legal basis of Vietnam does not have any regulations on issues related to the domain name. Com,. Org ... as well as the transition from links to other links. 

In fact, due to confusion and lack of confidence that there are many companies losing money to acquire the domain name from speculators to keep their business name rather than start it over.

For Mr. Le Kim Giau, he had insisted: "No matter who owns our domain name  and want to sell at 1 vnd,  we cannot get it back due to that is an evil. Even though I’m sure that decision will lead our company’s operation to damage. We will be proactive in many ways to prevent it such as informing to customers, partners and so on. " 

The lawyer Vuong Cong Duc also suggested:

While the law has no specific regulations on the sale of domain names on the Internet, the competent authorities should also be specified "to produce legal papers related to domain name registration" as a business license for example.

PhD. Dang Anh Tuan also said that most speculators have just registered the domain "captured" in a short time, though it’s not clear in legal terms, but if the Hung Khang Steel Buildings has sufficient evidences demonstrate his name legally, Hung Khang can directly request the Vietnam Internet Center (VNNIC) to intervene and solve this problem.

Source: CAND

Increased opportunities to attract Investing in Ben Tre


Rach Mieu Bridge is favorable condition for Ben Tre to integrate with the Mekong Delta

After Rach Mieu Bridge’s operation, the chances of attracting new investment in Ben Tre province increased significantly. 
Rach Mieu Bridge is to facilitate the integration of Ben Tre with all of the Mekong Delta. At the inauguration of the Rach Mieu Bridge linking Tien River in pairs in January 2009, the leaders of Central, local and economists have generally assumed that, from now on, the chances of attracting new investment project in Ben Tre province will increase significantly.

According to the Management Board of Ben Tre industrial parks (IPs), in January 2009 the province's industrial parks have attracted three new projects. It is the processing factory of coconut products invested by the RDC ltd., co. (capital of 43 billion dong); processing aquatic products factory for export invested by the Food Processing Le Anh Ltd., co.  (capital of 45 billion dong) and pharmaceutical processing factory invested by the Pharmaceutical  Khang Minh Corporation ( total capital of 31 billion dong). 

In addition, the Management Board of industrial parks in the province also received dozens of investors find investment opportunities, which had signed a memorandum of understanding for the other two projects. 

According to the Ben Tre Department of Planning and Investment, in January 2009, there are 10 group of enterprises, which are local and foreign investors coming and finding investment opportunities in the province, in the including a number of projects attracted investors particularly. 

Specifically, a South Korean investors came and found investment opportunities to build toy factory to export from Ben Tre Town, a French company intended to set up manufactoring and trading company of  charcoal from coconut shell, while a Chinese investor wanted to invest in the manufactoring of coir products only. Group of Ho Chi Minh City investors again explore investment opportunities to build seafood processing factories, residential areas, hospitals and so on. 

Earlier, the Investment Promotion Centre in conjunction with the Management Board of Provincial Industrial Parks held a public seminar to promote investment in Ben Tre Province, attracting the participation of 83 companies, local and foreign investors.  Thereby, Ben Tre province has attracted four projects with total registered capital of 382.4 billion dong. Mr. Nguyen Truc Son, Director of Investment Promotion Center under the Ben Tre Department of Planning and Investment said that Rach Mieu Bridge helped enterprises in the province to make the dream of taking container trucks to the factory. However, according to Mr. Son, on the whole, building the bridge was not enough to attract investors, the province was focusing on many other preparatory work. 

First of all, the clean land, planning industrial parks should be well-prepared, followed by a skilled workforce, utility services and other infrastructure such as electricity, road, logistic service and clean water must also meet the investors needs and finally the raw materials for manufactoring and processing must be developed in coordination concerns. 

To prepare clean land to investors, Ben Tre province is inviting investment in the infrastructure business  of Giao Hoa A Industrial Parks (area of 270 ha) and An Hiep Industrial Park Phase 2 (120 ha) in Chau Thanh District with investment capital of about 90 milliion USD for both industrial. Ben Tre province is 46,000 ha of coconut material area and 4,000 ha of cocoa intercrop in coconut garden. 
Ben Tre has the largest beach of clams, with an area of 15,000 hectares, concentrated in coastal areas of 3 districts of Binh Dai, Ba Tri and Thanh Phu, capable of mining up to 30,000 tons per year, fishing on the marine aquaculture has the potential to thrive. 

Regarding human resource development, Ben Tre province has 69 vocational training institutions, the percentage of trained workers accounted for 36%. In addition, a large number of provincial employees are highly qualified to work in other provinces are ready to return home if there is a good policy to attract them.

"Rach Mieu Bridge linking Highway 60 to the eastern provinces like Tra Vinh, Soc Trang, Bac Lieu and so on. It  would be favorable to trade in Ben Tre with full integration of the Mekong Delta. In terms of geographical location, potential availability, Ben Tre is eligible to attract investors. The problem left is the investment environment and has good project for investors to choose, " Mr. Son said.

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